Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District
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The compensation report displays District salary information by department and by job titles and employee.  Management positions are by employee name as well.  The report includes actual salary, employer paid benefits and any other costs associated with an individual employee.   Disclosure of this total cost figure is sometimes called the compensation cost transparency (CCT).  This information can also be found on the California State Controller’s Office website,   The object is to report the total compensation received by each employee, not just salary.

2015 Executive Compensation Report

2015 Employee Compensation Report

2014 Executive Compensation Report

2014 Employee Compensation Report

2013 Executive Compensation Report

2013 Employee Compensation Report

2012 Executive Compensation Report

2012 Employee Compensation Report

2011 Executive Compensation Report

2011 Employee Compensation Report

 Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District