Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District
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Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District

Serving Orange County Since 1947




Red Imported Fire Ant

Solenopsis invicta

Are You Harboring These?

Roof Rat

Rattus rattus

Understanding Vectors


A major component of our program is to educate the public about the shared responsibility of vector control. The District works hard to eliminate existing mosquito breeding sources and prevent new ones.

Red Imported Fire Ants

Orange County residents are encouraged to be vigilant in their own yards as well as any time they are visiting a park, golf course or any place that has a large turf area.


Inspectors educate homeowners and neighborhood groups about rats on their property and how to remove sources that would attract rats onto the property. Every house and every situation is different.


Filth flies are a nuisance as well as carriers of organisms that cause diseases in humans and domestic animals.

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Ground Based Adult Mosquito Control Applications

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Be sure to report if there have been day-biting mosquitoes sited when submitting a mosquito service request.

Help us fight West Nile virus.

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 Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District