Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District
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Notice for Information Bulletins on Other Vectors / Pests

The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District is frequently asked to assist a resident with a problem caused by a pest not controlled by the District. We limit our activities to those species determined to be vectors by the California Health and Safety Code. The District currently has control programs for mosquitoes, rats and Red Imported Fire Ants. Our staff is not trained or equipped to perform control activities on vectors and/or pests like Africanized honey bees, opossums, gophers and raccoons. However, we do have information sheets on these and other pests available.

These information sheets contain suggestions for both exclusion and control of various other vectors and pests that can be performed by the homeowner. Often times the best control method is to eliminate conditions that attract the pests. This strategy is our first step in controlling vectors, and it works well with nearly all pests.

Deer Mice
• House Mice: EnglishSpanish

Opossum (Virginia Opossum)
Pocket Gophers

Rat Control in Residential Areas
Rat Prevention - Universal Literacy: EnglishSpanish
Rats: Domestic Rats

California Native Plants for the Home Landscape
Groundcover Plants that generally do not attract rats

General Safety
Disease Safety for Outdoor Enthusiasts
Going Outdoors?
Love Your Pets?

Vector Biology
Attractants & Food Pyramid
Discouraging Problem Wildlife
Sin Nombre Virus - Hanta virus
Deer Mice & Hantavirus
West Nile Virus: EnglishSpanish
• West Nile Virus Tri-Fold: EnglishSpanishChinese
Mosquito Life Cycle & West Nile Virus

Africanized Honey Bees

Ant or Termite?
Asian Tiger Mosquito: Public Health Advisory
Asian Tiger Mosquito - Universal Literacy: EnglishSpanish

Bed bugs
Bee Flies
Bees: Western Honey Bees
Black Widow Spiders
Brown Dog Ticks

Brown Widow Spiders
Bumble Bees
Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Bees
Carpet Beetles
Casemaking Moth
Clover Mites

Cockroach (Spanish)
Conenose Bugs
Crane Flies
Darkling & Predaceous Ground Beetles
Dog Heartworm: EnglishSpanishVietnameseChinese
False Chinch Bugs
Filth Flies
Filth Flies - Universal Literacy: EnglishSpanish
Flies (Spanish)
Fowl Mites/Rat Mites

Fungus Gnats
Green Fruit Beetles
Horse Fly Control
House Hoppers
Jerusalem Crickets (Potato bugs)
Lady Beetles (Ladybirds, Ladybugs)
• Mosquitoes: EnglishSpanishVietnamese
Mosquitoes & Look-alikes
• Mosquito Prevention - Universal Literacy: EnglishSpanish
Non-Biting Midges
• Oriental Cockroach: EnglishSpanish
Pantry Beetles

Paper Wasps
Red Imported Fire Ants
Red Imported Fire Ants - Universal Literacy: EnglishSpanish
Salt Marsh Caterpillars
• Scabies – Mites: EnglishSpanish

Silverfish, Firebrats, Booklice
Snails & Slugs
Spiders - various types
Springtails, Sowbugs, Millipedes

Typhus - Universal Literacy: EnglishSpanish
• Typhus Advisory: EnglishSpanish
Wasps & Yellow Jackets
Wood Borers

Bulletins in italics are older and in process of being updated.  
 Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District