Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District
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The primary purpose of the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District’s (OCMVCD) vector control operations is to promote public health by preventing and controlling the spread of vector-borne disease within Orange County. The District has been authorized by the California Health and Safety Code to exercise discretion in determining the manner in which vector control measures are undertaken in order to accomplish these purposes. Notwithstanding this primary mission, the OCMVCD will also strive to comply with this Mosquito and Vector Control to Certified Organic Crops (Policy) regarding the use of OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified pesticides for agricultural lands certified as organic in accordance with the Policy.

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The District participates in community events, providing educational information on the activities of the District and what you can do to assist in the shared responsibility of vector control.

For more information, please contact the District at (714) 971-2421 or at

  • Emergency Preparedness


    Communications Director Dever discusses West Nile virus at the La Habra Emergency Preparedness Meeting.

    Jared Dever
  • School & Education Programs


    Public Affairs Coordinator Coburn discusses vectors and the diseases they transmit to the Boys and Girl Club of Tustin.

    Mary Joy Coburn
  • La Habra Citrus Fair


    Vector Ecologist Krueger explaining the mosquito life cycle to two very interested young inspectors at the Citrus Fair in La Habra.

    Laura Krueger
  • Costa Mesa Pet Expo


    Vector Inspector Green speaks to attendees at the Pet Expo in Costa Mesa.

    Jim Green
  • Open Garden Day


    Vector Inspector Bui speaks to an event attendee at the West Floral Park & Jack Fisher Park Open Garden Day.

    Jim Green
  • Anaheim Home and Garden Show


    Vector Inspector Moreno ready to answer questions as the Home and Garden Show in Anaheim. Moreno.

    Jim Green
  • Boy Scouts Tour


    Director Cummings discusses one of the mosquito traps used for surveillance to protect public health.

    Bob Cummings
  • Anaheim Community Outreach


    Outreach Assistant Kuan reaching the community in front of Northgate Gonzales market in Anaheim.

    Helen Kuan
  • La Habra Corn Festival


    Inspector Morey discussing mosquito control with an event attendee at the La Habra Corn Festival.

    Nick Morey
  • OCMVCD Fish Facility


    Biologist Saba giving a tour of the new fish facility on the District Campus.

    Mike Saba
  • La Habra Community Outreach


    Customer Service Rep Saba ready to share practical mosquito breeding prevention tips to La Habra residents.

    Lesly Saba
  • Placentia Community Outreach


    Public Affairs Coordinator Coburn giving tangible tips about vectors and vector-borne disease tips to homeowners in Placentia.

    Mary Joy Coburn

Request Speakers



To schedule a speaker for your upcoming event, please contact the Communications Department at 714.971.2421 or email

Please provide at least two weeks notice so that we can better accommodate your requests.

Possible events and speaking opportunities:

  • City council meetings
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Service organizations
  • Health and Safety Training for businesses, organizations, or agencies impacted by mosquitoes and other vectors

Topics We Cover:

  • Mosquitoes, Rats, and Red Imported Fire ants in our Urban Environment
  • What about West Nile virus?
  • Aedes mosquitoes and Zika virus
  • A mosquito free community
  • What is Vector Control?

Education Program

The OCMVCD Mosquito Education classroom program is conducted in collaboration with classroom teachers. In-class instruction to elementary students wil cover mosquitoes and vectors, their role in the environment, and the shared responsibility of controlling the mosquito population. Lessons will include hands-on activities, active learning (Get ready to learn the mosquito life-cycle dance!), and student collaboration. Students will be prepared to create an expository writing piece on their own at the end of the lesson. Interested educators can contact the Education Coordinator at

Education Program Printable Flyer

Education Coordinator Teaching

Inspector Training Course at the Discovery Cube

The Inspector Training Course, presented by the District, is an interactive exhibit at the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana that has guests go on an adventure in a simulated backyard to find and eliminate invading vectors (mosquitoes, rodents, flies and ants) and vector-borne diseases.

Discovery Cube of O.C.