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Resident Empowerment Kit 

Thank you for TAKING ACTION and helping raise awareness about the preventative measures we can all take to reduce the mosquito population and the spread of disease. Mosquito control is a shared responsibility and everyone must take charge of their yard to prevent mosquito breeding. 

All suggested images can be downloaded here.

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Post #1:

It’s CA Mosquito Awareness Week! According to @CDCgov, California has the highest number of mosquito-transmitted disease cases in the nation. Together, we need to #TipTossTakeAction. Learn how you prevent the spread of West Nile virus:  

Suggest image – CALIFORNIA WNV

Post #2:

It’s CA Mosquito Awareness Week! For the past few weeks most OC residents have been indoors doing their part #StopTheSpread. It’s time to continue our shared responsibility in protecting public health and #TipTossTakeAction More info:

Suggested image –  Tip, Toss, Take Action

Post #3:

#DYK? Here in OC we have 26 species of mosquitoes! But there are 2 main species of concern to residents > Aedes + Culex. #TipTossTakeAction Learn more:

Suggest image– Species of concern

Post #4:

Since '47 @OCVector has been protecting their residents from mosquitoes & the diseases they transmit. They need your help more than ever! Take charge of your yard & eliminate mosquito breeding sources. Prevent mosquito-borne diseases. More info:

Suggest image – Protect yourself from mosquitoes infographic