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 The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District provides services for:

Please Note: The Rat Program will be seasonally suspended from July 1st to November 25th due to increased mosquito workload.

After the initial assessment of your request, a representative will contact you.

1. Mosquitoes
If necessary, an inspector will check around your property and neighborhood to point out potential mosquito breeding sources. 

2. Rats
Inspectors will investigate your property to identify potential rodent food attractants and shelter sites where rats may access structures. (Inspectors will not set out any type of rodenticide or poison)

3. Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA) 
The Inspector will visit the mound location and determine if the colony is actually RIFA. Once confirmed, a treatment will be performed. The colony should be inactive within a month. 

4. Flies
Inspectors will tour around your house and yard to point out potential fly breeding sources. 

For all reported issues, depending on the situation, removal of attractants and/or sources may resolve many issues immediately without the need for an inspection.