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How to avoid a fly infestation


There are effective methods and specific chemical products available for controlling flies. When purchasing a pesticide, it is important that the product label specifically includes "for the control of flies" on the label. Also, be sure to note the active ingredient in the product being purchased and follow all instructions to the letter!

During warm weather, the life cycle of some domestic flies may be completed in a week to 10 days, so removal of fly breeding sources is important. Remove all sources responsible for fly breeding such as:

  • animal manure
  • decaying organic matter
  • moist straw or hay
  • grass clippings
  • decaying fruits and vegetables
  • uncovered garbage

Trash containers, trash compacters, and large trash bins should be periodically rinsed out and cleaned with a soap solution. Areas where trash cans are stored should also be checked and kept clean.

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