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Public Information and Education

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The primary purpose of the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District’s (OCMVCD) operations is to promote public health by preventing and controlling the spread of vector-borne diseases within Orange County.

Our awareness, outreach and education programs educate and inform the public about mosquito and rodent control and prevention methods. The District utilizes media and video, community events and presentations to educate residents in Orange County. In addition, the District educates the young residents of Orange County through a classroom program and exhibit at the Discovery Cube. 

Classroom Education Program 

The OCMVCD Mosquito Education classroom program is conducted in collaboration with classroom teachers. In-class instruction to elementary students will cover mosquitoes and vectors, their role in the environment, and the shared responsibility of controlling the mosquito population. Lessons will include hands-on activities, active learning. and student collaboration. Students will be prepared to create an expository writing piece on their own at the end of the lesson. 

Want to book the OCMVCD Mosquito Education Classroom Program?  Click here


Vector Inspector Training Course at the Discovery Cube

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Photo courtesy of  OCDC

The Inspector Training Course, presented by the District, is an interactive exhibit at the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana that has guests go on an adventure in a simulated backyard to find and eliminate invading vectors (mosquitoes, rodents, flies and ants) and vector-borne diseases. To learn more about the exhibit visit, Orange County Discovery Cube's website. 

Community Presentations

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Topics We Cover:

  • Mosquitoes, Rats, and Red Imported Fire ants in our Urban Environment
  • West Nile virus
  • Aedes mosquitoes and Zika virus
  • A mosquito free community
  • What is Vector Control?

Events We Attend: 

  • City council meetings
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Service organizations
  • Health and Safety Training for businesses, organizations, or agencies impacted by mosquitoes and other vectors

To schedule a speaker for your upcoming event, please click here. 

Please provide at least four weeks notice so that we can better accommodate your requests.

Community events 

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Our event booths provide residents with information and resources on mosquito activity in the area and how they can prevent mosquitoes and other vectors from impacting their lives.

District booths can feature:

  • Mosquitoes 
  • Information material on all vector related topics
  • Giveaways
  • Ask for our 13' or 18' foot mosquito to be at your next event.

To request a fair attendance, please click here. 

Please provide at least four weeks notice so that we can better accommodate your requests.