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Education Program

The OCMVCD mosquito education classroom program is conducted in collaboration with classroom teachers within our District. The program encourages students to become active members in the shared responsibility of mosquito control. The program teaches students to think about the interdependent relationships between mosquitoes, the community and public health. 

The mosquito education program is free to schools located within our District. 

Download the Education Program Flyer

Lessons will include hands-on activities, active learning (Get ready to learn the mosquito life-cycle dance!), and student collaboration. Students will be prepared to create an expository writing piece on their own at the end of the lesson.

There are three options for educators:

  • 2nd grade mosquito habitats lesson
  • 4th grade education presentation
  • Career Day presentations
  • 6th grade data analysis lesson
How We Help Educators
  • The fourth grade program consists of a two day interactive in-class lesson that are 90 minutes in length each day.
  • The program is taught by a credentialed teacher and meets Next Generation science standards and Common Core writing standards. 
  • All curriculum is planned and taught by the Education Coordinator and includes: Thinking Maps, structured language practice, observation of live mosquitoes, dual-language (English/Spanish) homework sheets, and additional educational activities for the classroom.
  • Interested educators can contact the Education Program Assistant at
What Students Learn
  • The program provides students with information about the mosquito life cycle, mosquitoes in Orange County, the definition of a vector and the impacts of West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne diseases to people.
  • Each class is interactive and includes observing the mosquito life cycle, active learning opportunities and the mosquito life cycle dance.  
  • Each student receives a take-home informational bulletin (English/Spanish), a comic book, a junior inspector badge sticker and other fun activities.