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Prevent an Aedes Infestation

Removing stagnant water and eliminating sources that can hold water is the most effective and pesticide-free way to prevent mosquitoes in your yard and home.

Follow these steps to make your home mosquito-free.

  • Clean up clutter in the yard. Invasive Aedes are ‘container breeders’ and will lay their eggs in toys, soda cans, and even trash.
  • Check yards carefully for anything that will collect rain or sprinkler water. 
  • Do not grow plants in water-filled buckets or vases - even indoors.
  • Remove saucers from under potted plants.
  • Remove bromeliads and other plants that naturally hold water from your landscape. Always water bromeliads from the bottom of the plant.
  • Scrub outdoor containers that have held water with hot, soapy water to kill mosquito eggs. Store in a dry place.
  • Talk to your neighbors – mosquito control is a shared responsibility
  • Aplly an EPA registered insect repellent to exposed skin when outdoors. 
  • Utilize an Insect fogger to eliminate adult mosquitoes.  These can be found at local home improvement and garden centers.

Common Mosquito Breeding Sources: