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Tip, Toss, Take Action

In honor of California Mosquito Awareness Week the District is excited to announce our 2020 campaign! 

Join us in our Tip, Toss and Take Action campaign! 

This year is going to bring new challenges to the cities we serve. The invasive Aedes mosquito now resides in every Orange County city. We need to work together to combat these aggressive day biting mosquitoes. We are calling on you to help increase awareness about the preventative measures we can all take to reduce the mosquito population and the spread of disease.

Here's how you can TIP, TOSS AND TAKE ACTION! 

  • TIP: Eliminate breeding sources around your property
  • TOSS: Throw away any unused containers to prevent eggs from hatching
  • TAKE ACTION: Use these tips to help you combat mosquitoes
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You can also take action by sharing our message on your social media platform. Click here to view our Resident Empowerment Kit.