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How to avoid a fly infestation 

  • Eliminate potential sources of food and odors.
  • Place garbage in plastic bags inside of trash cans.
  • Keep trash lids closed
  • Dispose of trash at least every seven days.
  • Pick up outdoor pet droppings regularly and place them in sealed plastic bags. Dog droppings should be picked up daily. Outdoor bird cages should be cleaned weekly. Cat litter boxes should be scooped daily and the litter changed weekly.
  • Do not leave pet food outside, as it can attract flies and serve as a larval fly source.
  • Quickly dispose of small animal carcasses, such as rats, opossums, and birds, by placing them in a plastic bag in the trash. Contact your local animal care agency or veterinarian for information on disposing of large animal or pet carcasses.
  • Pick up dropped fruits and vegetables at least once per week. Place rotten ones in a plastic bag in the trash.
  • Screen all windows and doors.
  • Keep things that attract flies (such as pet food, bright colors, and attractive scents) away from unscreened doorways.